Hi there! We are the Hufnagel's and we own Cardinal Tire Service. We are a family of four that resides in Elsie. We enjoy living an "old school" country lifestyle. We love outdoor recreation and activities. We are always looking for a new adventure and avidly enjoy being business owners. We live in a very busy, chaotic world. Why complicate it any worse? Everyone has tires on vehicles, trailers, or campers. Our goal is to help busy families who are booked with work, appointments, sporting events, whatever the case may be by bringing tire service directly to them. We know what it is like being pulled in many directions. We have spent plenty of time sitting and waiting at a tire shop and let's just say we could have utilized all of those hours spent much more productively. With our new business concept, we come to you so you can operate your busy life. Without good tires, your life would be on hold!